The Spa

The decadent Coco Ocean Spa is where you shall encounter an oasis of true well being, captivating each of your senses whilst soothing your mind. Chic, white minimalism blends seamlessly with soft blue hues, whilst Moroccan decor adds a touch of authenticity beneath the iconic domes and unparalleled ocean views. Aromatic essence of essential oils and the gentle chimes of panpipes will envelope you from the first moment. Feel the breeze brush your skin as the sounds of the trickling water from the Zen garden ebbs softly away. We invite you to indulge in peace and tranquility.

With design inspiration derived from authentic Moroccan architecture, the spa at Coco Ocean is the ultimate holistic oasis, dedicated to well being and rejuvenation. With arched ceilings and the iconic domes adorned with jeweled tiles, the spa’s design offers a definitive and unprecedented level of luxury in The Gambia, providing the perfect back drop to our extensive list of treatments and therapies. Spread over 1880 square meters, the spa has 13 luxurious treatment rooms, leading out onto the gardens, a Thalasso pool where guests can unwind during their day, a Finnish sauna and an ice plunge pool. Our most famed signature treatment at the spa, is the traditional Moroccan Hamam.

Moroccan Hamam

The origin of this centuries old bathing ritual dates back to the Roman era and is presently well known throughout Turkey and especially popular in Marrakech.

After a light massage using Savon Beldi, you will be left to relax whilst light steam delicately opens up your pores. A Kessa glove will be used across your body for an invigorating exfoliation, cleansing your skin of impurities before the Rhassoul clay is spread across your skin. Your experience will end with the application of an essential oil as the steam purifies your body.

We source most of our products directly from Morocco to ensure your hamam experience takes you on a journey into the rich and ancient culture of this North African country. 

Savon Beldi (Black Soap)

A natural cleansing soap originating on the Atlantic coast of Morocco in a region called Essaouira. A unique blend of natural ingredients; olive oil, essential oils of Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Cedar and extracts of Algae.


A Kessa is a glove traditional to Morocco used for skin exfoliation. Made from a unique substance, which removes old skin cells and surplus oils from the skin, at the same time giving you a revitalizing massage.

Rhassoul Clay

Sourced deep beneath the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, Rhassoul clay has been used for centuries as a natural beauty treatment for skin and hair. The highly detoxifying clay is rich in Magnesium, Silica and Potassium, which not only works to extract impurities, it replaces them with nourishing minerals, whilst toning and enriching the skin.

Spa Day Experiences

Handpicked selections of our unique treatments have been carefully chosen to bring equilibrium to your mind, body and spirit. Escape the limits of time and immerse yourself in one of our delectable treatments. We invite you to indulge in our spa brochure where you will discover a variety of uniquely wonderful treatments and escapes.

Gift vouchers are readily available to purchase at the spa and these can be of a monetary value or for a specific treatment. Whether your desire is a romantic spa retreat for you and a loved one or a perhaps that special gesture, this is the most excellent choice of all.

For more information or to request a spa brochure, please call +220 7375615 or email

If you are an in house guest you can dial 227 from your room.

The spa is open every day from 9am until 8pm.