About The Gambia


Time Zone – Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)


In West Africa, Bordering the North Atlantic between latitudes 13degree 28’N and 16degree 34W.


11, 295 sq.km (4361 sq.miles)


1.4 milion


Official language English

Local Languages

Mandika, Wollof,Fula, Jola, Sarahul, Serere, Majango,Creole


Banjul- Population 42,326 (1993)


The Gambia is primarily an agricultural nation growing groundnuts, rice, maize, millet and other cereals, and horticulture. Agriculture and fisheries combined account for nearly 60 percent of Gross domestic Product. Tourism is also very important sector of the economy: It has become the biggest foreign exchange earner for the country and provides more the 16% of GDP. The tourism industry provides employment for more than 10,000 Gambians.

A small manufacturing industry is also developing, with plastic goods and confectionery as the main products.


Groundnuts and groundnut products; fish and horticultural products.


Standard Chartered, Trust Bank and Guaranty Trust Banks.

Business Hours

Offices  8:00am- 4:00pm Monday to Friday. 8:00am – 12:30pm Friday


Available at standard chartered and Guaranty Trust Bank in Senegambia.

Credit Cards

Most hotels and many restaurants in the Gambia accept Visa. MasterCard and American Express Cards, but please confirm with reception before making any transaction. A surcharge may apply.

Debits Cards

Debit, Maestro and Electron Cards are not accepted.


There are three main Christian denominations – Roman Catholic, Anglican and Methodist. For details of the local services contact Reception.


The main hospital is the Edward Francis small teaching hospital in Banjul.


The most convenient clinic is Bijilo clinic. However, our in-house Doctors is on call to visit you in you suite 24hrs day. Please contact reception for details.


The hotel has its own boutiques offering varied items from North Africa and The Gambia. Outside the hotel, the Craft market is situated at the top of the Senegambia Road in the main tourist area. It offers a variety of items and the most popular are tie and dye textiles, batik, masks and other wood carvings, leather goods, jewellery and basketry. There are also fixed priced shops in the tourist area if you do not wish to haggle over prices.

Local Customs

It is recommended to greet a person before starting a conversation. A handshake is widely use as a form of greeting. The majority of Gambians are Muslims and their religious believe should be respected by visitors. The right hand should always be used to give or receive things.


Around 90% of the populations of The Gambia are Muslim, with the remaining 10% comprising Christian of different denominations and animists. Mosque prayers times are usually 6am, 2pm, 5pm, 7:30pm and 9:30pm but these may change slightly due to the lunar calendar, so please check with reception.


Our Service Policy:

At Coco Ocean, We are a team-Some of our members are visible and you will meet the regularly during your stay; man y others work behind the scenes’ and high levels of service are central to our offer. Because we wish to operate as a personal venue with valued guests, rather than as a conventional hotel, we aimed to minimize the visibility of commercial transactions. We encourage you to make use of our unified tipping system (See Departure) rather than feeling the need to tip individuals during your stay.


Guest relations offer at Coco Ocean focuses on customer service and builds partnerships with other departments to ensure that guests’ needs are attended to promptly. Supervise the Front Desk operations and ensuring that relevant policies and procedures are being followed and that the highest possible service is being delivered in a friendly and professional manner. GRO is the main point of contact for the guests upon arrival till departure and handle their queries throughout their stay.

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