Activities & Excursions

Bakau-Crocodile pond

Banjul: A drive through the streets of Banjul, including Arch 22 and Albert Market to experience the hustle and bustle of the Capital city

Serrekunda: A drive through a very busy and colorful local market

Abuko Nature Reserve: The principal reserve in The Gambia: Not a zoo or game reserve but an area of 180 acres which places equal emphasis on the protection and conservation of nature as a whole. Home to monkeys, monitor lizard, crocodiles, upto 200 species of birds, hyenas and antelopes. Here you can walk through the tropical rain forest of Abuko nature reserve to see hyenas  and other animals in the nursery,  crocodiles in the pond and monkeys and birds in the trees

Lamin Lodge: Built on the creek

A stop over at Lamin bar and restaurant for refreshment

For full details on all our tailor-made excursions, please pick up a current excursion leaflet at the reception desk

Bijilo Forest Park: This is a rainforest nature reserve, located on a cliff edge on the beach, five minutes walk from hotel. It is an old forest, covering 126 acres, inhabited by many types of primates such as Green Vervet and Red Colobus monkeys, as well as monitor lizards and colorful birds species such as the Red-necked falcon, Grey hornbill, Prinia and various types of bee-eaters. There are several easy walking nature trails leading in to the lush tropical woodland. Visitors are ask not to feed the monkeys as this will reduce their fear of humans and put them in danger of being harmed or stolen.