Our Philosophy

Coco Ocean is an increasing rare thing, A truly independent hotel. We belief that travel is about difference and really experiencing the changes that come with moving around the globe-and valuing the changes that happen to us as a human beings as result of that experience. This kind of hotel experience doesn’t come out of catalogue or from the reliable uniformity of an international brand. Instead it grows from the place where it is located-like a child growing up within its own culture or a tree taking root.

Coco Ocean belongs to Africa, The Gambia, and in Bijilo, and it has been created by the people of this area, largely from indigenous product. Where ever possible we have commissioned locally the things that the hotel needs. It was built by local labour and the beautiful surrounding ornamental and kitchen gardens have been created and nature by local expertise. We have commissioned local artisans to make furniture, ironwork, upholstery, carving, picture frames an s stained glass- you will experience the results of their work all around you. Only when you cannot source materials of the quality we need to we look further afield and import them- as with our bathrooms and our kitchen equipment, which have been carefully chosen and imported to provide functionality we are here.

Coco Ocean is a community. If we include the families of all the people associated with the hotel it probably represents a group of about 2,000 people whose lives are interdependent way, much like the old European mediaeval estates. You, as our value d guest, join the community and you are why we are here.

We hope that you will find Coco Ocean a life-enhancing experience and that you will leave ue refreshed and strengthened for the next steps in your life journey.

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